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DP/30 AudioPod: Alex Wolff, Pig

THB #64: New Year's Resolutions 2

DP/30 AudioPod: Nina Arianda, Being The Ricardos

THB #63: New Year's Resolutions, Part 1

THB #62: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 2021

THB #61: Can Award Season Be Fixed in Post?

DP/30 AudioPod: Ruth Negga, Passing

THB #60: Review - The Matrix Resurrections (spoilers)

THB #59: The New Shortlists Are Here!

THB #58: Streaming Doesn't Want To Be Free

THB #58: Spider-Man & The Analyses of Doom

THB #57: In The Year 2000... 22...

THB #56: Review - Spider-Man: No Way Home

THB #55: A Forensic Look At The Box Office

THB #54: The New Math in Hollywood

THB #53: Box Office Story

DP/30 AudioPod: George Chakiris, Not To Forget, 1961's West Side Story

THB #52: Slow Start To 2022 & Perhaps, A Road To Stability

DP/30 AudioPod: The First Wave, Matthew Heineman

THB #51: A December To Remember?

DP/30 AudioPod: No Straight Lines, Vivian Kleiman, Alison Bechdel

THB #50: Reviewing Nightmare Alley From The MIdway

DP/30 AudioPod: Procession, director Robert Greene

THB #49: Intention.

THB #48: Streaming Like Monday Morning

THB #47: Brief Box Office

THB #46: Licorice Pizza Review

THB #45: Where The Streamers Are - Dec 2021

THB #44: West Side Story Review (spoilers)

THB #43: Oscar Films All Seen... Still No Frontrunner

THB #42: Measuring Content Moving Forward

THB #41: Sondheim, His Words

THB #40: Thankful 2021

THB #37: The Beatles: Get Back

THB #35: The Trouble With Gucci

THB #34: 19 Weeks To Oscar, The Pause That Refreshes

THB #32: The First Wave

THB #31: Encanto Love (a brief review)

THB #30: Why Streaming Is In Stasis

THB #29: Busting Makes Me Feel Bad

THB #28: Quick Box Office

THB #27: In Search Of The New Normal

THB #26: 20 Weeks To Oscar - Pizza's Here!

THB #25: Gray Is The Loneliest Color

THB #24: Encanto, Eternals, and The Trouble With Disney

THB #23: 21 Weeks To Oscar & The Final 5

THB #22: Stuff To Watch On TV

THB #21: The Globes Troubles - Some Financials

THB #20: How Cinemas May Be Reconfigured By COVID (1st Musings)

THB #19: Why This Weekend's Box Office Sucks

THB #18: How To Make A Bad Marvel Movie

THB#17: Warners Is Lying... Is It To The Industry or To Themselves?

THB #16: For The Love of Personal Filmmaking

THB #15: Box Office Monday

THB# 14: LieDay Box Office (w/ audio option)

THB #13: 23 Weeks To Oscar

THB #12 Audio: How Can The Academy Save Itself? (10 min)

THB #11 Audio: Is Day-n-Date Dying? (8 min)

THB #12: How Can The Academy Save Itself?

THB #11a: Box Office Monday

THB #11 Audio: Is Day-n-Date Dying? (8 min)

THB #11: Is Day-n-Date Dying?

THB #10: Netflix, Chappelle & Constituencies

THB#9: Ennui-nsday

THB #8: Trilogy Madness

THB #7: Listening

THB #6: Box Office Monday

THB #5: Rules of Thumb

THB #4: The Dave Chappelle Thing

THB #3: Wednesday Roundup: Market Caps, Bond, and Rebuilding PayCock

THB #2: The Academy Museum

THB #1: Greetings... and Box Office Monday

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When Will Theatrical Find Its New Normal? (as of Sept. 2021)

27 Weeks To Oscar: The Trouble With Award Shows (Emmy Edition)

29 Weeks To Oscar: The Oscar Season Starts... Or Does It?

Tweeted: Academy & Oscar (September 3)

When Chaos Came To Town - Episode II: If 100 Million People Watch A Tree Fall For Two Minutes, Does It Make A Sound?

When Chaos Came To Town - Episode I: Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Uncle David's House Of Box Office: Reboot

A Year Later... Movie Content Scoreboard

When Netflix Met Cinemark... And Nothing Happened

By: Jermsguy

The Little *Oscar Show That Couldn't

Can TV Engage Racism Without Being Racist?

13 Days To *Oscar

17 Days To Oscar: I Am So Sad & Angry.

Movie Content Scoreboard: The Experimental Window... Spoke Too Soon

*Oscar Nominations: The Morning After

Movie Content Scoreboard: The Experimental Window Closes

Book Review: Mike Nichols: A Life

7 Weeks To *Oscar: Hoping For The Best

What is a BYOB?

How To Fix Viacom

Mold and Globes

*Oscar Lessons

Review: Allen v. Farrow

What is *Oscar 2021?

DP/30: Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, The Trial of the Chicago 7

DP/30: Jingle Jangle, David E. Talbert

DP/30: What Would Sophia Loren Do?, Ross Kauffman, Regina K. Scully

Review: John and The Hole (spoilers)


Oscar: The Perpetual Motion Machine

DP/30: The Dissident, Bryan Fogel

DP/30: Dead To Me, Liz Feldman

DP/30: Disclosure, Sam Feder

DP/30: Some Kind of Heaven, Lance Oppenheim

WandaVision: Episode 3 (Spoilers)

Review: Malcolm & Marie & The Failure To Reach Euphoria

Movie Content Scoreboard: Episode 4 (Jan 21, 2020)

Disney, WandaVision & The Future of The Industry

A Buncha Weeks To Oscar*