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The AMPAS Film Festival. Nothing wrong with being a film festival. The Oscars are dead, and the Acedemy has successfully transformed itself into a film festival. It is clear they don't really care about ratings and being a huge popular worldwide event. They are becoming something different, a film festival with awards voted by the film industry. Again, nothing wrong with that.

According to 538 AMPAS is really good at raising money, now, and is not as dependent on ABC.... so they get to become something else. Many of us have complained about this downsizing, but that discussion is done. They are honoring many good films, and maybe that's enough. The Awards are elitist now. That is honest. The membership is elite. It is oftew compared to a country club. Their experience of film-going is nothing like that of regular people, for sure. But.... most art is elitist. Why not film awards?

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