Looking forward to seeing it. On Netflix. Haven’t been in a real theater in years. Sigh!

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Nov 30, 2022·edited Nov 30, 2022

The movie is meddling. It had zero impact on me. The casting is mediocre. Nobody is memorable, and there isn't a single line of dialogue that I remember from 48 hours ago.

The only thing this had going for it was the fun little plot structure a third of the way through, where the story turns back into itself. That was a solid idea.

And that's it. Otherwise, forgettable. Which i totally expect from Net Trix. And the joy in which they're thumbing their collective noses at all of theatrical this past week, it makes me sick. They hate the theatrical experience, theatrical is their enemy. they want to take away what I've loved my entire life: going to the movies with an audience.

They buy the Egyptian, which made my heart sick when I heard. Can you imagine, every time you go to the Cinematheque of all places, now you'd be giving your money to Net Tricks. Jesus. I guess that's over (the theater still has never opened since then, so there's that. But my beloved film noir festival.....Kaput). And the gall Tricks has, saying they're doing it to rescue a classic theater. Yeah, right. Any fool knows it's to simply show their crappy product in a theater so it will qualify for awards, awards they shouldn't even care about since they don't care about going to the movies. They SHOULD care about whatever streaming TV movie awards they want to dream up for their users. Oscars? Please.

Well look; you got me started. Anyway, Knives Out 2. No good. Too long by half. And oh, thanks for strengthening the argument for everyone that it doesn't take a person with any practice at the art of acting to be a competent "actor" in a commercial film. Kudos for proving that point once again.


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