I'm going to miss Glass Onion in theaters due to the limited window and life.

But it made me remember an accounting rule while thinking about proper theatrical opportunity for NFLX: a public company needs to report revenue segments if it accounts for >10% of Total Rev.

Theatrical reporting would be a thing if NFLX made 2.97 Bil in Rev (based on 2021 results).

Possible? Perhaps...

Another quirk, Netflix volunteered, meaning not legally required to, DVD Rev information.

Twas 182 mil in 2021.

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Box office has nothing to do with the quality of a movie. If 100 out out of 100 people go to SEE a movie- the box office reflects a "hit". However, if 95 out of those 100 people hated the movie- the box office does NOT reflect that.

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Not much ROI for marketing an additional three weeks.

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