If the studios aren't going to provide the product to prime the exhibition pump, then it seems doomed to me. I fail to understand why the owners of all the IP reject the idea of sending their movies into the exhibition world at this point; it seems like a missed opportunity most of the time, and it simply makes zero sense to me.

The truth from me at this point is, I probably see more old movies in the theater than i do new releases. That's the truth. I'm most likely an exception, since I live in SoCal, where there are as many opportunities to see old stuff as anywhere I know. And I've loved going to the movies all my life, and still love seeing movies in a darkened theater with an audience.

Between all the "classic cinema" nights, combined with the Cinematheque, The Frida in Santa Ana, the New Bev, The Academy theater, LACMA, and on and on at all the places I can see old films, my movie theater visiting is split down the middle at the very least at this point. And for most of my life that's NOT how it went. Alot of it is due to there not being nearly enough new stuff that interests me any more. Sometimes there's nothing new interesting me for WEEKS.

The single best screening I've had this year is a Jaws screening at the Irvine Spectrum IMAX (one of the best IMAX theaters I've ever seen, and fortunately my home base IMAX). Part of me wishes I've had many great theatrical experiences with new movies this year, but no. Perhaps Oscar season will change that.

The studios should be giving it everything they've got to fix this, but their actions clearly don't reflect that, and for a movie lover like me, that's quite dispiriting. It's depressing as hell is what it is. The Regal right by my house (Anaheim Hills) just closed. I keep waiting for the Dome to reopen. It's all so depressing.

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I think you're still not giving enough blame to streaming, and Disney in particular. Three Pixar movies plus MULAN and now HOCUS POCUS 2--you can't tell me that wouldn't be at least a billion domestic right there. As people get used to seeing new movies at home (especially those that are day-and-date), theatrical is never going to return to pre-pandemic levels. Hell, even the MCU is starting to crack; of the six pictures released post-pandemic, only one (SPIDEY) broke a billion WW (cf. the six pre-pandemic, all of which did so except ANT-MAN 2, which was never expected to).

Solution: I don't think there is one anymore.

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