THB #108: Oscars in Pieces: Piece 1

Listen now (9 min) | My plan was to write about Oscar last night just after the ceremony. It was all supposed to be over at 8p… after all, they dumped 8 awards to pre-tape to assure that it would be only 3 hours. 43 minutes after the 8p promise, they wrapped. By the time it was all over, there were so many problems, before, during, and after Will Smith, that I could provide an endless stream of commentary on Twitter, moment by moment, but the idea of summing things up was beyond. I left my home. I spent 3 hours with friends, but while the cascade of opinion was enjoyable, it wasn’t clarifying. I started writing again at 1am, but by that point, I was just making a list of things that needed Marie Kondo-ing.

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